My maker space – Where the magic happens!

By pulling my car out of my garage, I can improvise an instant workshop.

My maker space, Where I make all my DIY and how-to projects. I enjoy wood working, welding, electronics, fabrication, and repair. Check out my working space:

This is my electronics and parts bench
I keep this tool box handy in the house

(PS – You can see me make that mini skateboard on my DIY website)

My garage tool box and welder + Plasma cutter
A nice stock pile of scrap metal from my friends that build sets for TV and museums.
Rebuilding my transmission in the house because the car was in the garage!
Restoring an old engine, complete rebuild.
I had to use the washer and dryer as a counter when I changed all my suspension! Tiny garage!
High temperature paint on an old engine
A small computer workstation.
Soldering home-made circuit boards on a TV tray!
Working on building a mini PC.
My room workshop (building computers at the moment)
My desk photography rig.
My rounded corner bar counter with metal sheets on top. Working on a Lego power bank on
Using a table router to make a picture frame for a digital picture viewer
My garage has a good selection for my needs.
I also have a bit of loft storage in my garage.
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